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Fighting Fraudulent Insurance Companies

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There is a disturbing practice among some insurance companies that aims to take advantage of vulnerable accident victims.  Insurance adjusters schedule appointments with victims just after they have been in a car accident and say the discussion will be about damage to the vehicle.  Once they gain entry to the home, they talk about the victim’s physical injuries.

Insurance adjusters may distort facts and misrepresent the law leading you to believe you do not have a case.  An insufficient settlement is often offered, and then you may be coerced into signing a legal document that closes your right to further claims.  Taking advantage of vulnerable accident victims is inexcusable and Sobo & Sobo wants to help.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident and an insurance company took advantage of your situation – forcing you to take an insufficient settlement and sign a release, you may have the right to seek further damages.  Sobo & Sobo is proud to lead the fight against this practice and encourages you to get in touch with them and share your story.

A Major Court Decision Is Made
On July 5, 2018, the Third Department Appellate Division of New York in Albany reversed a decision made by The Ulster County Supreme Court.  On this day, a woman who had been severely injured in a motor vehicle accident was given the right to seek further settlement from the insurance company that had allegedly used fraud and deceit to convince her to sign an important legal document.

Her case was initially presented to The Ulster County Supreme Court and they issued their decision in favor of the insurance company, because of the release she signed, closing her right to further claims.  The Law Offices of Sobo & Sobo, appealed to the Third Department Appellate Division, a panel of five judges in Albany, New York.  After the ground-breaking motion and oral argument, the decision was made in favor of the plaintiff and opening the door to a legal investigation into allegations of fraud by the insurance company.

Joining the Fight
Many accident victims feel they have no hope after accepting a settlement and signing a release with their insurance company.  Indeed, many attorneys may turn clients away because of a release they have signed.  Sobo & Sobo believes it is wrong for insurance companies to enter victim’s homes under false pretenses and take advantage of them during their time of need.  They are leading the fight against this practice and want to help others.

The thought of taking on an insurance company can be overwhelming.  You don’t have to face them alone; you need the help of experienced attorneys who are willing to confront the insurance company head-on. You need Sobo & Sobo.

Help for Those Deceived By Insurance Companies

If you have been injured in an automobile accident and an insurance company forced you to sign a release, you may be able to seek further settlement. The Law Offices of Sobo & Sobo offer initial consultations at no charge and there are never any fees unless we are able to attain compensation on your behalf so you have nothing to lose by calling 855-GOT-SOBO.  We have offices conveniently located in Middletown, Newburgh, Monticello, Poughkeepsie, and New York City.  If you are too injured to make it into one of our offices, we will come to you.  Take the next step toward Winning Together, give Sobo & Sobo a call today.