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Robert Lefland

Robert Lefland, Esq.

Motions Lawyer

Robert Lefland graduated from Brooklyn College in 1976. He obtained his JD from Delaware Law School in 1980.

Robert has practiced personal injury law for most of his career on the defense side. He also has expertise in labor law.  A seasoned veteran with roughly four decades of experience, he joins Sobo & Sobo as a motions attorney. His favorite hobbies are baseball and photography. He also enjoys doting over his four grandchildren on the weekends.


  • Brooklyn College, 1976
  • Delaware Law School, 1980


  • New York State Bar
  • US District Court, Southern, Eastern and Northern Districts
  • Second Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Orange County Bar

What led you to become an attorney?

If you’ve practiced before, describe your understanding of it, and why it attracts you?