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traumatic brain injury types

Survivors of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) may endure lifelong physical, psychological, and social challenges after their accidents. Other survivors may only face effects that last a few days. The human brain is both fragile and essential. So, these accidents can be life-altering experiences and are not like any other bodily injury.  Traumatic brain injuries devastate…

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t bone accident lawsuit settlements new york city

Drivers in New York City have to be prepared for all kinds of accidents and sudden road hazards, ranging from icy driving conditions to drunk drivers. But while minor car accidents that don’t involve any injury can be shrugged off, many are dangerous and potentially lethal. T-bone accidents are among the deadliest and most common,…

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who is at fault in a backing up accident

Rear-end accidents are among the most common types of accidents that occur in the US. Often, rear-end accidents are caused by drivers who are backing up at slow speeds. It is also common for the impacted vehicle to be completely stationary. When one car backs into another, the natural question becomes: Who is at fault…

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car collision lawsuit settlements inwood new york

Car accidents are a fact of life for many New York City drivers. Inwood, which is a neighborhood surrounded by freeway exits and bridges, is a hotspot for car collisions of all kinds.   Inwood, Manhattan Accident Facts As a part of greater Manhattan, the Inwood region is the site of hundreds of car accidents every…

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dutchess county auto accidents poughkeepsie new york

Dutchess County is one of New York State’s most dangerous areas for driving. Beset by poorly designed and narrow roads, as well as high traffic both during the week and weekend, drivers in Dutchess have to be extremely careful since auto accidents are a common occurrence in this area. Driving in Dutchess County: Is It…

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head on collision new york

Head-on auto accidents are incredibly dangerous. Though they are comparatively rare when compared to other types of auto accidents (like rear-end and T-bone accidents), head-on collisions can lead to severe injuries and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. What Are Head-On Collisions? Head-on collisions are some of the most dangerous auto accidents. A head-on accident…

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spring valley new york car accidents

Spring Valley, the second most populated community in Rockland County, New York is a dense suburb less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan. It sits next to the New York State Thruway and is served by a New Jersey Transit train station. Considering its proximity to the city, major highways, and number of commuters rushing…

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new york city car crash settlements

New York City is a great place to live or visit but can be a harrowing place to drive through or navigate on foot. Congested with buses, taxis and tourists, visitors to New York are at high risk for accidents. Despite the numbers of collisions declining thanks to the Vision Zero safety campaign, the number…

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new york city premises liability lawsuits

A premise liability lawsuit is the means provided by the justice system to address injuries caused by property-related accidents, for which the injured party is not to blame. This type of lawsuit allows accident victims to receive compensation for damages that may include medical bills, lost wages, disability, and pain and suffering. 6 Most Common…

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dangerous roads in the bronx for traffic accidents

Millions of people migrate daily in and out of Manhattan, heading to jobs and back home. This heavy traffic can make certain roads in the Bronx especially dangerous compared to others, increasing the risk of both drivers and pedestrians experiencing or causing an accident. The Bronx’s Dangerous Relationship to Manhattan The Bronx is one of…

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