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On October 26, many employees of Sobo & Sobo will be participating in The Mid-Hudson Valley Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk. This event raises money for research into the disease. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. at 1500 Route 9D in Wappinger Falls, NY. We are doing so, in part inspired by one of our employee’s recent…

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Pedestrian deaths in the US occur much more frequently than in other developed countries. And they happen more often in poor communities than in wealthy ones. As baffling, after 30 years of falling statistics regarding pedestrian fatalities, the rates of death in this country have climbed every year since 2010. 2018 pedestrian fatalities reached 6,227…

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Drunk Driving Blog

Unfortunately, our years of experience has given us keen insight into the tragedies that can arise from drinking and driving. When drivers make the decision to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink, the results can be devasting.   Drunk Driving Statistics In the United States, up to 29 people die from…

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Sobo Blog – Rear End Accidents

Our attorneys represent clients who are in pain and are suffering through no fault of their own.  Many of these clients have found themselves injured after a car accident.  By far, the majority were in the most common accident type of all, being they have been rear ended by another driver.   The Facts According…

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