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NY Personal Injury Blog

Winter Slip & Fall Accidents in Manhattan

Winter Slip & Fall Accidents in Manhattan The busy streets of Manhattan can be hazardous, particularly regarding slipping and tripping incidents. Winter often causes an increase in slip and fall accident claims being filed due to icier sidewalks and other seasonal factors. Why Do Slip & Fall Accidents Occur? Slip and fall accidents occur when…
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Most Dangerous Areas for Pedestrians in the Bronx, NY

Most people don’t think twice about leaving their homes and going for a walk. In today’s busy world, both pedestrians and motorists often rush to the next destination without much concern for safely sharing the road. In a city as populated as New York, pedestrian injuries and fatalities are an unfortunate reality. As one of…
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Winter Driving Accidents in New York

As one of the northernmost states in the US, New Yorkers must deal with harsh wintry conditions every year. Alongside bitter cold and blinding snowstorms, winter also brings a higher likelihood of driving accidents. Common Causes for Winter Driving Accidents It’s no surprise that the winter season brings with it a greater opportunity for driving…
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Drinking and Driving On New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is one of the deadliest holidays for drunk-driving crashes, resulting in hundreds of deaths per year in the US, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In 62 percent of these cases, at least one driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist was intoxicated. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 285 died…
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Bicycle Accidents in Inwood, NY: Where They Occur, and How to Avoid

The New York Metropolitan area is one of the most dangerous places to ride a bike. Even bicyclists wearing proper helmets, reflectors and bike lights can fall victim to drivers of motor vehicles. The consequences and injuries caused by bicycle accidents can be catastrophic.  Bicyclists in Inwood, NY put themselves at risk each day while…
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What is an Expert Witness, and What Do They Do?

Personal injury lawyers will use many means to establish facts during a court case and secure compensation for their clients. One of the most important ways in which attorneys can establish certain kinds of facts or explain information to juries is through the testimony of expert witnesses. This guide will break down what expert witnesses…
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Scaffolding Accidents in New York City

Construction sites always pose a risk of injury to those working in them. When a scaffold structure is poorly designed, built, or maintained, tragedies can happen. Many times, scaffolding accidents result in severe injuries because of the heights involved. Worse, the surfaces below scaffolds are often hard, littered or both. Construction workers place themselves at…
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Car Accidents in Poughkeepsie, New York

Poughkeepsie is a major city in the county of Dutchess, New York. Although car accidents don’t occur as often in Poughkeepsie as they do in more densely populated areas like Manhattan, they happen frequently enough to require caution among the city’s residents, and are the cause of fatal injuries and deaths every year.  Locals should…
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Top 10 Most Common Injuries During Holidays in New York

The holidays are an enjoyable time for many. But they’re also a time when certain injuries are more likely to happen due to conditions like icy roads, excessive alcohol consumption, or other seasonal factors. Top 10 Common Injuries People Experience During the Holiday Season Bruises – Slip and fall accidents occur at a higher-than-average rate…
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