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NY Personal Injury Blog

How to Fire Your Attorney

Clients have the right to switch lawyers or cancel their services if they aren’t satisfied with how they handle their case. There are many reasons a client might decide to end a relationship with their legal teams. They may feel they aren’t being represented well, that their attorney isn’t taking their case seriously, or their…
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What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer specializes in fighting for legal recourse and compensation on behalf of those who have sustained physical injuries. Those injuries must in some way be the result of negligence, liability or an intentional act (such as an assault) on the part of another person or entity. An injury under the law is…
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Benefits of Hiring a PI Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers aren’t merely optional: they’re vital and for anyone who wants to succeed with a lawsuit or protect themselves against a lawsuit filed against them. Personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable legal specialists who can provide innumerable advantages for any case. Personal Injury Lawyers Gather Evidence for Your Case Firstly, personal injury attorneys can…
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Drive-By Shootings in NYC: Lawsuits & Compensation

Drive-by shootings are gun violence incidents where a person is shot and either injured or killed, after which the shooter drives away. They’re more frequent in New York City and other urban areas than in rural and suburban regions. Although many drive-by shooting victims are unintentional, such shootings can be devastating for victims and their…
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Suing Landlords for Falling Down Stairs

Those who live in apartment buildings, duplexes, or anywhere else with communal stairs rely on their landlords to keep those stairs clear and safe for regular traversal. If a resident trips or slips and falls down the stairs and sustains an injury, they may have grounds for a lawsuit against their landlord. When Are Landlords…
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Attorneys in Monticello | Lawsuits & Compensation

Attorneys in Monticello, New York help residents collect settlements that cover damages related to any injury caused by negligence. Common types of accidents that result in filing lawsuits include personal injury, car accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability (such as slip-and-falls), worker’s compensation, pedestrian accidents, and more. With help from a lawyer that specializes in handling…
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Heavy Machinery Accidents in New York | Legal Options & Compensation

Heavy machinery accidents are among the leading causes of injuries and fatalities suffered by industrial workers, especially in the construction and manufacturing industries. These accidents can be debilitating given the weight and power of machinery involved. Victims of heavy machinery accidents need to know what their options are following an accident, including how to file…
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Motor Vehicle Accidents in Rockland County

Auto accidents occur every day throughout New York, but some counties are more dangerous than others. Rockland County is known for its proximity to major New York attractions and beautiful scenery, but it is also known for its motor accident frequency. Drivers in Rockland County need to know where to avoid driving when possible. In…
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Monticello Car Accidents: Lawsuits & Compensation

Car accidents occur in high numbers throughout New York state, but Monticello and Sullivan County are particularly dangerous for drivers. According to official statistics, traffic crash-related injuries are the third leading cause of hospitalization and the fifth leading cause for injury-related emergency department visits in Sullivan County overall. Auto accidents are a fact of life.…
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