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What is an Intercostal Muscle Strain?

The intercostal muscles are 11 sets of muscles on either side of the rib cage. Each set of intercostal muscles is located between the upper back and mid-back in the ribs. Put simply, they’re the muscles that line the rib cage and help to protect the chest cavity and vital organs like the lungs and…
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Laceration Accidents: Lawsuits & Compensation

Lacerations are skin cuts caused by blunt trauma as opposed to sharp objects, like glass shards. In workplace accidents, auto accidents, and other incidents, individuals may suffer from lacerations that lead to long-term physical pain or disability. Due to their causes, many lacerations are jagged, irregular, or contaminated and long-term physical recovery is not uncommon.…
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Roll Over Accidents on Long Island: Lawsuits & Statistics

Roll over crashes occur when at least one vehicle tips over to the side or rolls onto the roof due to a collision, slip, or other incident. They can be very dangerous because they may result in the partial or complete ejection of vehicle occupants, like the driver or passengers. When this occurs, the chance…
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Machinery Accidents: Injury Lawsuits & Compensation

In an industrial or construction workplace, employees and employers share responsibility for their own safety and that of their fellow workers. However, machinery accidents still can and do occur. In many cases, machinery accidents can lead to severe injuries to workers, including internal injuries, TBIs or traumatic brain injuries, and more. Not all machinery accidents…
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Internal Injuries: Lawsuits and Compensation

Internal injuries can be life-threatening, and impact people of all ages. They can be hard to identify for hours or even days after an accident, and left unchecked, the consequences can be fatal. In addition to immediate medical support, there are symptoms of internal injuries that can help injured victims identify them early.   If a…
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Crosswalk Accident Lawsuit Eligibility in New York

Crosswalks are common sites of personal injury and auto accidents in New York, often due to misunderstanding of crosswalk laws or right-of-way statutes. Depending on accident circumstances, victims may be eligible to file crosswalk accident lawsuits. When Can Pedestrians File a Crosswalk Accident Claim? New York’s Vehicle & Traffic Code outlines the rules regarding right-of-way…
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What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

If an individual dies in an accident caused by another, or from an act of violence, their family members and loved ones may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. New York has strict laws regarding taking legal action after a wrongful death, lawsuit eligibility, and more. What is a Wrongful…
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Failure to Yield in New York: Laws, Injuries & Compensation

When a driver or pedestrian “fails to yield” to another vehicle or person, they may be guilty of causing an accident by not following right-of-way laws as outlined in the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Code. The resulting accident may lead to driver or pedestrian personal injuries, or even wrongful deaths. Drivers and pedestrians…
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Single-Car Accidents in NY: Lawsuits & Compensation

Not all auto accidents involve two vehicles or even two people. Single-vehicle accidents involve only a single automobile. Examples of single-car accidents include: Accidental impacts against objects in the environment, like trees or telephone poles Driving off the side of a road due to inclement weather, or to avoid an obstacle Accidental collisions caused by…
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