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Two women were apparently hit by a car in Albany, NY while walking along a rural road, local authorities have reported. This car accident that killed one woman and injured another is still under investigation by New York police, and no charges have yet been filed. The families of the victims have been notified as of this report.

Events Leading to Accident in Albany, NY

The accident occurred on the evening of Dec. 1 on Route 197 near Albany. Two women were walking along the right shoulder of the road when a vehicle attempted to pass a second vehicle in a designated passing zone. The first vehicle struck both women. They were both seriously injured and transported to a local hospital. It is unclear what the status of the driver involved was at the time of the crash.

One of the two victims, a 36-year-old woman, did not survive her injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other woman, aged 40, managed to survive her ordeal, though it has been reported that she broke several bones in the impact. She is listed as being in stable condition. Police have not filed charges against the driver involved, but their investigation is ongoing as of this writing.

Wrongful Death Claim Expected in Coming Days

If it can be determined that the driver in question was in some way negligent in his or her treatment of this situation, that driver could be charged criminally in association with this car accident.

Additionally, the family of the deceased pedestrian, along with the surviving woman, will be entitled under New York law to file wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits against the driver and any ancillary owners of the vehicle involved in the crash. Such a suit is contingent upon provable negligence on the part of the driver, but not a criminal conviction.

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