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An out-of-state man has tragically died following a serious accident in Saratoga County. New York law enforcement officials have yet to file any charges in association with the car accident. Their investigation into the crash is still underway as of this report.

According to initial accident reports, a 51-year-old man pulled his vehicle to the shoulder of Route 9 before attempting a U-turn to head back the opposite direction down the highway. Another vehicle struck his car on the driver’s side as he attempted this move. The man suffered severe injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident when medical personnel arrived.

The driver of the other vehicle, a 24-year-old man, was taken to a local hospital with injuries described as non life-threatening, as were three passengers in the deceased man’s vehicle. Police have not commented on whether mitigating factors, such as intoxication or speeding, were at play in this accident. No one has been charged in the incident’s aftermath at this point in time.

New York traffic laws expressly require drivers to observe the rules of the road. It is possible in the course of this investigation that law enforcement will determine the deceased man was not obeying those rules when he chose to make a U-turn on a highway. If this is the case, he could be held posthumously responsible for the car accident, which would allow the injured parties in his vehicle as well as the injured driver to file personal injury lawsuits against his estate. Evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the deceased driver can be used to bolster such a case, which would be presided over in a civil court setting.

Source: CBS Connecticut, “New Haven Man Dies In New York Accident“, , June 1, 2014