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A two-car crash in Ontario County has left one woman dead, and police are continuing to investigate the particulars of the incident. The woman died in a car accident in the western New York town of Seneca on Feb. 9. No official charges have been filed in connection with this accident as of this writing.

Events Leading Up to the Crash

Details about the accident are still sketchy as police continue to investigate the crash. The evidence suggests the 36-year-old victim was traveling north on Route 14A when her vehicle was struck by another vehicle in an intersection. The 26-year-old male driver of the other vehicle was unharmed in the crash.

The woman was declared dead at the scene of the accident by arriving medical personnel. Police have not filed charges against the 26-year-old as of this writing. As the investigation is still underway, there is no way to know at this juncture whether police will assign blame to this driver, or whether the fault for the accident will be attributed to the deceased victim.

Crash Still Pending Investigation

There is far too little information available to make an accurate assessment of the current case. Depending on the outcome of the New York police investigation, it may be determined the younger driver will be found negligent or otherwise responsible for the car accident. If this is the case, criminal charges may yet be filed, but regardless, state law affords the victim’s next of kin the opportunity to file a wrongful death lawsuit against any individual found to have contributed to a car accident. Such a suit falls into civil jurisdiction.