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A car crash in Brooklyn decimated a vehicle and killed two people, according to local news sources. The two-car accident is still being investigated by New York police, who have yet to file any charges associated with the case. Surveillance videos are being reviewed to determine the cause of the accident and which driver, if any, can be held responsible for the accident.

Police reports indicate the victims were southbound around 6:30 in the evening when the crash occurred. An SUV turning onto the street was struck by the victims’ vehicle, though it is not clear which vehicle had the right of way at the time of the crash. Surveillance videos show the car traveling much faster than other vehicles when the accident happened.

The passenger in the car, an 18-year-old woman, was pronounced dead at the scene. The 20-year-old driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment but later succumbed to his injuries. Both the driver and passenger of the other vehicle were taken to a local hospital and treated for injuries described as minor. The investigation is ongoing as of this report.

It will be difficult for New York investigators to ascertain which driver was ultimately responsible for the crash, but two outcomes are possible. If the first driver is determined to be responsible for the car accident, the injured parties in the other vehicle and the family of the deceased passenger will have the option to sue for personal injury or wrongful death against the driver’s estate. If, however, the other driver is deemed responsible, the families of the deceased parties will be able to file for wrongful death as well.

Source: NBC New York, “2 Killed in Brooklyn Crash, Car Splits in Half“, , May 20, 2014