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When there are few apparent outside contributing factors, it can be difficult for individuals to come to terms with how pedestrians could be struck by a vehicle while they are walking alongside the road in the middle of the day. After a fatal accident results, New York police may have a substantial number of investigative hurdles to cross before they reach a final conclusion. Police are continuing to investigate an accident that took the life of one man and has sent a woman to the hospital with critical injuries that resulted from them being struck by a car as they walked along a road.

Police have stated that the accident transpired just before noon. For an unknown reason, the driver of a car, identified as being a 74-year-old man, left the roadway and struck the two pedestrians. Both pedestrians were transported to an area hospital after the crash.

One victim, identified as being a 55-year-old man, was pronounced dead by hospital officials after his arrival. The other pedestrian, a 70-year-old woman, was airlifted to another hospital where she remains in critical condition. Police have not indicated whether they expect to file criminal charges as their investigation has not been completed at this time.

In a fatal accident that involves a pedestrian, New York police will often look to the visibility of the pedestrian to see if this played a role. However, in some situations visibility doesn’t necessarily play a significant factor. In such cases, investigators may need to look to other causes, which if supported by the evidence, could lead to a strong basis for the victims and their families to pursue a civil action against the driver of a vehicle in a New York civil court.

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