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Investigation is ongoing into a crash that injured twelve people in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, March 30. The car accident took place in the late evening when a sedan left the road and smashed through a bus shelter before striking and collapsing a sidewalk shed. Few details have been released so far.

According to New York police who responded to the call, the vehicle hopped the curb at the corner of Church and Utica where it hit the shelter. The driver was allegedly trying to avoid another vehicle and lost control. Several bystanders moved to help those injured.

Four of the 12 injured individuals, including one 2-year-old toddler and his mother, were remitted to Kings County Hospital where they remain in critical condition. Three other victims were also transported there as well. The driver of the sedan and her passenger were also taken to Kings County with back and neck injuries. The remaining victims escaped with injuries described as severe but not life-threatening, and were taken to Brookdale University Hospital.

A New York Police investigation into this horrific crash is still ongoing, and there has been no word yet as to whether unsafe speed or alcohol consumption played a role in the car accident. Depending upon the outcome of the investigation, the driver could face criminal charges ranging from negligence to more serious charges should any of the injured parties take a turn for the worse. Regardless of potential criminal charges, all twelve victims may be able to seek fiscal compensation in a New York civil court if the driver is proven to have acted in a negligent manner.

Source: NBC New York, “12 Hurt in Brooklyn After Car Jumps Curb, Crashes into Scaffolding,” March 31, 2013