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An enormous crash in Niagara Falls is being partially attributed to snowy conditions, but also to at least one driver for driving recklessly for the weather. New York authorities had to close Interstate 190 northbound for several hours to clear the car accident, which is believed to have involved a total of 56 cars. A total of 10 people were injured, and authorities had to move several ambulances into the area to provide medical support. 

It is unclear at this point what caused the crash on the snow-covered highway. Police responding to the accident said they believe at least one driver was operating is or her vehicle at unsafe speeds for the hazardous weather conditions, but so far, no charges have been filed. A total of 56 cars had to be removed from the bridge where the pileup took place, twenty of which were involved directly in the accident. 

State and local police both responded to the accident, but New York police will be handling the ongoing investigation from here on out. Other accidents in the area prevented local police from organizing emergency services as effectively as they might have liked, as roads were blocked. The interstate has since been reopened, but the investigation is still underway. 

New York drivers understand how critical it is to drive based on the weather conditions on the road. If one or more drivers are found to have been reckless in their choice of driving, it is possible that charges will be filed. Depending on the specifics of the car accident and the related injuries, injured parties may also be entitled to file personal injury suits against the drivers deemed responsible.

Source: wkbw.com, “190 closed for hours after 20-car pileup”, Ed Drantch, Nov. 29, 2014