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A large number of accidents each year are merely the result of an individual exercising a momentary lapse in judgment. However, even in these cases, serious injuries can result. In a recent New York accident, an elderly woman suffered serious injuries after she was involved in a three-car accident.

The accident occurred around 6:10 p.m. when a 45-year-old woman apparently became distracted by the glare of the sun. She proceeded to rear end another car operated by a 24-year-old man. The impact of the crash caused the man’s car to travel into the oncoming lane.

At that time, the elderly woman, identified as being 71 years old, was driving in the lane that the man’s car was pushed into. The two cars collided, and the woman became trapped in her vehicle. Rescue officials were able to extract the woman from her vehicle and transport her to an area hospital to be treated.

Meanwhile, the man involved in the accident also suffered minor injuries. Police have stated that they are continuing to investigate the accident. No citations have been issued at this time.

It can take a mere moment for a normal day on the road to transform into a serious car accident. Although these cases often do not stem from egregiously reckless conduct, this does not free the individual who caused the accident from potential civil liability. In such cases, the victims can seek relief through the filing of personal injury lawsuit in a New York civil court, where they can request to be compensated for damages that arose from their involvement in the accident. Before any reimbursement can be awarded, however, proof that negligence either caused or contributed to the accident will be required.

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