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Car accidents can often have serious consequences for many in the community, even beyond those who are injured. A popular New York teacher was recently struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. The pedestrian accident occurred when a Lexus driven by a 25-year-old man hit the teacher who was in the crosswalk between North Shore High and Middle Schools. The same car was also involved in another car accident after the first collision.

Reports state that, after hitting the teacher, the Lexus continued along Glen Cove Avenue and swerved across the road into oncoming traffic. The Lexus collided head-on with a Volkswagen in what was described as a “devastating” impact. A couple in their 60s was traveling in that vehicle and suffered injuries in the crash.

Reports indicate that all four of the individuals involved in this accident were injured significantly enough to be taken to hospitals to receive treatment. Authorities are still trying to determine what contributing factors such as vehicle speed could have played into this series of accidents. The driver of the Lexus may have been injured and hospitalized, but he is now also facing legal issues in the wake of the accident. New York police officials arrested him and are in the process of filing criminal charges against him.

Regardless of the criminal charges, he could find himself facing civil charges due to the injuries caused in this car accident. Accident victims often find that they are able to file personal injury lawsuits in the wake of a serious collision like this one in order to seek restitution for the medical and related expenses they have incurred. There is not yet any word on whether that will occur in this case, but it could be one possibility.

Source: CBS New York, “Several Injured In Crash Outside Long Island Schools; 1 Arrested,” March 1, 2013