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Understanding the thought process that goes behind someone’s decision to flee from the scene of an accident can be difficult to comprehend. It is every motorist’s duty to stop and render aid if they are involved in a car accident. When it is a fatal accident and the motorist flees, this can raise even more questions as to why the motorist felt compelled to leave an individual alone as they were dying on the side of a New York road.

Police are currently searching for such a suspect who is alleged to have hit a man as he jogged down the road in the early morning hours. According to witness accounts, a 23-year-old man was running along a Brooklyn road when an SUV struck him. After the accident occurred, the SUV sped off.

Police have begun their investigation into the driver’s identity. They are looking at surveillance video from a local restaurant, hoping that this can give them substantial leads in locating the driver. Police have also asked for the public’s assistance.

Beyond the potential criminal ramifications that a driver may be exposed to for their involvement in a fatal accident, they may also have to answer to a wrongful death suit filed in a New York civil court on behalf of the deceased man. This suit, if successfully litigated, may allow the victim’s family to recover damages occasioned by the tragedy. Although this suit will likely not alleviate the family’s grief, it may at least give them some further options as to how they wish to honor their lost loved one.

Source: New York Daily News, “Brooklyn man killed in hit-and-run car accident,” Erik Badia and Joe Kemp, Nov. 17, 2012