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A trial has begun for a man accused of killing an Orthodox Jewish couple in Brooklyn last year, according to local sources. The couple were traveling in a New York borough when the car accident took place, and police saw fit to arrest the other driver involved. He currently faces manslaughter charges, and the trial is underway as of this report. 

The couple apparently entered a cab and asked to be taken to a local hospital, according to the cab driver who picked them up. The woman was apparently pregnant, but the driver insists the couple were not “in a hurry” to get to the hospital. However, upon pulling into traffic, the cab was struck by another vehicl reportedly  traveling at approximately 70 mph at the time of the crash.

While the cab driver miraculously survived, the couple (both aged 21) were killed in the crash. The woman’s baby, which was 7 months along at the time, was successfully recovered from its mother, but tragically died the day after. The other driver stands accused of manslaughter and is currently on trial in New York City. 

More information will be required by the court before a decision can be reached as to whether the other driver is guilty of the criminal charges concerning this car accident. However, even if a guilty verdict is not reached, the facts of the case may be enough for the family of the deceased couple to pursue wrongful death lawsuits against the accused driver. While no criminal conviction is required for such a suit to be won in a New York civil court, the evidence used in the criminal case can be offered to support the civil suit as well. 

Source: The New York Times, “Driver of Brooklyn Couple Killed in Crash Says He Was Not Rushing“, Stephanie Clifford, Feb. 10, 2015