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At around 3:30 p.m. on July 12 an elderly man lost control of his vehicle on Long Island and crashed into a Dunkin Donuts shop in Valley Stream. According to New York police officials, the car accident occurred when an 85-year-old man drove his vehicle through a window of the shop. The car pinned one restaurant customer, resulting in serious injuries.

The customer was transported to a local hospital where he was reported to be in serious condition due to the internal injuries. Meanwhile, two other customers in the restaurant suffered minor injuries. The elderly driver of the vehicle, who police did not immediately identify, also suffered minor injuries.

There were several other people in the restaurant at the time of the accident including four employees. Police have not released additional information regarding the cause of the accident. The vehicle however, has been impounded so that authorities can arrange safety checks to see if the brakes or other mechanical devices failed prior to the accident.

It is always shocking to hear about a car accident that involves a New York motorist driving into a building. In these types of accidents, the occupants of the building typically have little or no time to react and, in many cases, are vulnerable to serious or fatal injuries due to their lack of protection from the oncoming vehicle. Only after the investigation is complete will the question be answered as to whether this accident was a merely the result of inattention by a driver or whether his equipment failed at the worst possible time. In either event, the injured accident victim may wish to pursue a personal injury claim in New York courts. Doing so could result in compensation for injuries sustained in the crash.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Car crashes into NY Dunkin’ Donuts, pins customer,” July 13, 2012