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A tragic crash on Long Island in the early morning of May 10 has killed a total of five people, with two more in serious condition. New York authorities are still investigating the cause of the car accident, which is believed to have been a result of an impromptu drag race between the driver of the vehicle and another unknown driver. However, police have yet to make an affirmative statement to that effect.

According to the accident record, a vehicle carrying five young people all under the age of 19 was heading home from a racing event when the driver suddenly moved into the oncoming lane, striking an SUV head-on. Four of the five teens were killed in the crash, with several being thrown from the vehicle. The driver survived for roughly 24 hours before succumbing to serious injuries. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The driver and passenger in the SUV were also seriously injured and were rushed to a local hospital, where they remain in intensive care. Police have speculated that racing may have been a cause of this accident. However, they have not formally said so to the press as of this report.

If New York police confirm the car accident was the result of reckless conduct on the part of the driver, the families of the deceased passengers may wish to seek out justice in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit directed against the driver’s estate and any separate owner of the vehicle involved. Additionally, the SUV occupants who suffered serious injuries have a similar right to commence and pursue personal injury lawsuits. A civil suit of this nature would require an executor to stand in for the deceased driver. While this will not bring back the tragically deceased victims, it may offer their families a measure of closure.

Source: NBC New York, “5th Teen Dies After Long Island Car Crash That Killed 4 Friends“, Gus Rosendale and Greg Cergol, May 12, 2014