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An early morning single vehicle accident has left five dead and three hospitalized. According to witnesses and New York police officials, the motor vehicle crash occurred at just about 3:15 a.m. one recent morning, when an SUV ran through two red lights and crashed into a concrete pillar. The SUV subsequently burst into flames.

As a result of the crash, three women and two children were killed. The driver and two other passengers were transported to a local hospital. The driver underwent surgery and her condition is currently unknown. Meanwhile, the two other occupants were listed as being in stable condition.

The SUV barely missed another vehicle that was traveling through the intersection. That driver said he saw the headlights coming at his vehicle and then saw the SUV hit a pole, causing the vehicle to go into a somersault. One firefighter, a 26 year veteran of the department who arrived on the scene after the accident, said it was the “worst single car accident he had ever seen.”

There are a lot of things seem to have gone wrong during this early morning motor vehicle crash on a New York roadway. Although all the initial information points to the SUV driver speeding and ignoring two traffic lights, the police investigation will likely provide more information about what actually occurred. While any familial relationship among the SUV occupants was not initially disclosed, those seriously injured and the surviving family of those killed retain the right to turn to our state court system to adjudicate claims for monetary damages against any party whose negligence is alleged to have caused or contributed to the tragedy.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “NYC car crash kills 5, including 2 kids; 3 hurt,” July 22, 2012