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One man is dead and another faces serious charges following a tragic accident in Howard Beach on Nov. 30, according to local law enforcement. A New York man was killed by a driver police believe to have been drunk at the wheel at the time of the car accident. The investigation is ongoing at the time of this writing, but charges have been officially filed against the surviving driver.

Reports indicate the accident took place when a 23-year-old man ran his sedan into another car operated by a 38-year-old local man. The force of the impact crushed the driver’s side of the man’s vehicle. Emergency response personnel rushed him to a local hospital.

Unfortunately his injuries were too extensive to save him, and he was later pronounced dead. The driver police believe to be responsible for the accident was also injured in the crash and taken to the same hospital, where he is listed as being in stable condition. When he is released from the hospital he will face two charges of vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving, respectively. No court date has yet been set to address this case.

A fatal car accident brought about by drunk driving is a compounded tragedy because of how preventable it is. New York law clearly defines the limits within which drivers are allowed to safely operate vehicles, and when someone defies those rules at the cost of another’s life, punishment is swift and decisive. In this case, if the man is found guilty of drunk driving, the next-of-kin of the deceased victim may wish to seek out their own closure through filing a wrongful death lawsuit, to be handled separately from any criminal charges in a civil court setting.

Source: New York Post, Queens man killed in ‘DWI’ crash, Natasha Velez and Georgett Roberts, Dec. 1, 2013