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A horrific crash has resulted in two deaths according to local law enforcement sources. A motorcyclist and his passenger, longtime friends according to their families, were killed in a fatal accident involving an SUV on Sept. 14. Preliminary investigations suggest the driver of the motorcycle may have been at fault for the accident, though New York officials are still investigating.

According to forensic reconstruction, the 32-year-old man and his 36-year-old female passenger were traveling through Queens when his motorcycle struck an SUV. Apparently, the motorcycle driver was attempting to pass the SUV before the other vehicle completed a U turn, and subsequently clipped the side. Both riders were thrown from the motorcycle.

Both the man and the woman were pronounced dead at the scene by arriving medical personnel. The SUV driver, a 56-year-old woman, was injured in the crash and was rushed to a local hospital. She is listed as being in stable condition as of this writing, and police have filed no charges against her. The families of both deceased parties have been informed, and memorial services have been planned.

This fatal accident is a tragedy for the families who lost loved ones, but New York law demands that someone be held accountable for the crash. Should the investigation determine that the driver of the motorcycle was responsible for the collision, the next-of-kin of his deceased passenger as well as the injured SUV driver will be entitled to file wrongful death and personal injury suits against his estate. If, however, the SUV driver is found to be at fault, the wrongful death suits would be filed against her and handled separately from any criminal charges that might result.

Source: New York Daily News, Queens Motorcycle crash kills man, 32, and woman, 36, in Queens, Clare Trapasso and Thomas Tracy, Sept.14, 2013