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A tragic accident on a local highway has left seven people dead and families torn asunder, as four of the victims were children. Another man was injured as well when a trailer came loose on a New York highway on the evening of May 29. An investigation into the cause of this fatal accident is ongoing.

Authorities report that a rig traveling south was hauling a trailer full of crushed cars when the trailer somehow detached from the rest of the truck. The trailer then careened down the highway, where it smashed into a van carrying the victims. The van was totally destroyed, and the accident left all but one occupant dead. Four children between the age of four and seven were among those killed.

The lone survivor, the father of two of the deceased children, was taken to a local hospital where he is reportedly in good physical condition. A reconstruction of the scene suggested the driver of the van saw the trailer coming and swerved to avoid it, but did not make it out of the way in time. The New York-based salvage company that operated the truck in question has not responded to press inquiries as of this writing, but it is likely they may be summoned by police in connection with the ongoing investigation.

A tragedy like this is almost unspeakable. When young children are among those killed in a fatal accident, the desire to seek remuneration from those responsible is a very powerful one. Should the driver of the truck or the parent company be found in any way responsible for the trailer’s sudden detachment, surviving family members will be entitled to file wrongful death suits against the parties deemed responsible.

Source: Huffington Post, “Truxton, New York Crash Kills Seven, Including Four Kids,” John Kekis, May 30, 2013