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It is never easy to love a love one to declining health. However, when the loss appears to be directly related to the negligence of medical personnel, it may sting even more because a high standard of care is expected when someone is being treated for a medical condition. Recently, a New York woman filed a wrongful death suit against St. Joseph Hospital after her husband died during his stay there.

It is reported that her husband had pulmonary hypertension and was admitted for shortness of breath and dizziness associated with his condition. His wife asserts that medical staff members were made aware of his history of falling and that he needed to be monitored. However, he was not given the orange hospital bracelet that serves to warn all medical staff that a patient is at high risk of falling. While in the hospital’s care, he was left briefly unattended by a nurse who assisted him to the bathroom. The 88-year-old man fell and hit his face, causing a cut that bled significantly.

Authorities say that his fall added to the complications that resulted in his death on the afternoon following his late night fall. In addition to be left unattended the lawsuit says that the because of the delay in the response time on the part of the anesthesiologist, the patient suffered a lack of oxygen. His wife’s attorney said that the lawsuit filing is the unfortunate result of a settlement not being reached independently.

Although death is a part of life, it is never acceptable when negligence appears to be the cause of a loved one’s passing. For any New York resident who has lost a love one due to negligence, it is important to investigate the cause of death thoroughly. Depending on the findings revealed in such an investigation, surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death suit to seek financial restitution for the loss that has been suffered.

Source: Syracuse.com, “St. Joseph’s Hospital faces lawsuit in Auburn man’s fall and death,” Jim O’Hara, Jan 24, 2013