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It’s difficult enough for people to experience the bumps and grinds of traveling in a bus over the rugged roads of a congested city. When another vehicle crashes into a public bus and causes serious personal injury to passengers in New York City, that motor vehicle crash can be a particularly disrupting life event for those injured. That’s what happened recently when an SUV was clipped by a third vehicle and sent crashing into a stationary bus.

The third vehicle was making a U-turn when it struck the SUV and propelled it into a bus that was standing at a bus stop on Broadway in Harlem. Although it’s not immediately clear whether all of the injured were passengers on the bus, it appears that at least several of them were probably bus passengers. At least five individuals reportedly suffered serious injuries while the other six were reportedly minor.

However, it’s rarely safe to rely on early news accounts regarding the extent of a person’s injuries in a reported motor vehicle accident. In this case, the victims were transported to three different hospitals and their actual medical status is currently unknown. Fortunately, one who is injured in a motor vehicle accident due to someone else fault may be entitled to economic compensation from one or more sources.

If an injured person was a passenger in the bus or another vehicle, he or she will generally be entitled to compensation for injuries incurred. Here, the driver of the SUV may also be entitled to collect for personal injury, if any, and property damage. That question can’t be answered until after there is a thorough investigation of fault, including an evaluation of the percentage of fault of each vehicle involved in the motor vehicle accident.

If a person is injured in a motor vehicle crash in New York, the first prudent concern is to obtain immediate medical care and to comply fully with the physician’s instructions. It’s also helpful to keep a journal detailing the symptoms, episodes of pain and disruptions of one’s life as they occur. The individual will also likely benefit by taking early action to make sure that an investigation is being made and that all potential recovery sources are being pursued.

Source: New York Daily News, “Harlem bus accident injures 11,” Joe Kemp, Feb. 13, 2013