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A two car accident has taken the lives of two prison guards and sent another law enforcement official to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The New York motor vehicle crash was reported to have occurred around 4:40 a.m. in Brooklyn when the driver of one of the SUV swerved into the opposite lane. As a result of her traveling into the oncoming lane, another vehicle driven by a 23-year-old man struck the passenger side of the woman’s vehicle.

The woman driver and her passenger were both transported to the hospital after they were extracted from the vehicle. They were later pronounced dead by hospital officials. Both woman, ages 43 and 31, reportedly worked as corrections officers for the George R. Vierno Center at Riker’s Island and were off-duty at the time of the crash.

Meanwhile, the police officer in the other vehicle was transported to the hospital and listed in stable condition. Officials who responded to the scene stated that they saw the man walking outside of his vehicle, and he appeared to be in a state of shock but was otherwise okay. It has been suggested by area witnesses that speed may have played a role in the accident, although it is not clear whether police have concluded their investigation at this time.

Questions can often be raised when a motor vehicle crash occurs that do not point to obvious factors as being the cause of the accident. In such cases, New York police will normally look at a wide range of factors to determine what may have played a role in the accident. This investigation may assist the victim’s and their families in the pursuit of a civil action based upon evidence of negligence by any party that is deemed to have caused or contributed to the fatal accident.

Source: New York Post, “SUV crash in Brooklyn leaves two off-duty corrections officers dead and an off-duty cop in stable condition,” Antonio Antenucci and Kirstan Conleylast, Dec. 16, 2012