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A recent New York motorcycle accident on State Route 82 in Livingston has left a family facing the devastation of losing a loved one. This car accident killed a woman and seriously injured her husband, though he is currently listed in stable condition at a hospital in Poughkeepsie. The accident took place on a recent Monday morning.

The investigation disclosed that a 70-year-old motorcycle driver from Dover Plains and his 62-year-old wife were headed southbound on SR-82. He apparently slowed to make a turn onto Bells Pond Road in Livingston. It was at this time that a car rear-ended the motorcycle, causing the couple to be thrown from the bike.

The husband was taken to Poughkeepsie’s Saint Francis Hospital, where he is apparently recovering from his injuries. His wife, sadly, passed away due to injuries sustained in the accident after being transported to Hudson’s Columbia Memorial Hospital. The 59-year-old driver of the car that struck the motorcycle sustained only minor injuries and was not hospitalized. As of the night of the wreck, no charges had been filed, but the investigation — conducted by a reconstruction unit for the state police — is ongoing.

Motorcycle accidents are often disastrous. While the parties wait to learn if criminal charges will be filed, the surviving husband may ultimately decide to seek separate accountability in the form of a wrongful death claim for his wife and a personal injury claim for himself, all based on the alleged negligence of the driver who struck the motorcycle from behind.

Source: Mid Hudson News, “Motorcycle passenger killed in crash with car,” July 3, 2012