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A three-car crash has left one man with grievous injuries, according to local law enforcement. The car accident, which took place on a New York State thruway on Dec. 22, is not thought to have been the result of inclement weather conditions, as roads were dry at the time of the crash. An investigation by New York State police is still underway at this time.

According to preliminary reports, it appears as though the driver of a vehicle may have been distracted when he struck the rear of a second vehicle with enough force to slam it into a third vehicle. The three-car pileup closed the road for over two hours while police tried to piece together what had happened. The first driver suffered serious injury in the crash and was airlifted to a local hospital.

The second driver sustained minor injuries and, thankfully, the third driver was unharmed. Police have not yet commented on whether they believe speed or intoxication were also factors in this crash, but the investigation is ongoing. So far, no citations have been filed against anyone involved in the accident.

More information will be necessary before New York police will be able to ascertain exactly which driver or drivers were responsible for this car accident. If the first driver is found to have been distracted or otherwise negligent while driving, it is possible he will face criminal charges for his role in the crash. Regardless, any other injured parties in any of the three vehicles may be entitled to file a personal injury suit against him for damages suffered in the accident.

Source: wgrz.com, Man Seriously Injured in Thruway Accident, No author, Dec. 22, 2013