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A two-vehicle accident on July 8 sadly claimed the lives of two individuals. According to New York police, the car accident occurred around 12:15 p.m. Police say one car, a Mercedes, was speeding when it crashed into a Honda.

After the collision, the Mercedes struck the median and overturned several times before coming to a stop. Two passengers, both from the Bronx, were thrown from the vehicle and pronounced dead shortly after the crash.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes driver and another passenger were hospitalized and remained so on the day following the fatal crash. The nature and extent of their specific injuries was not detailed.

When drivers elect to operate their motor vehicles at high rates of speed on New York roads, they not only put themselves at significant risk, but they also expose their passengers and other drivers to the increased dangers. A driver of a motor vehicle is responsible for the safety of their passengers and, as a result, can face serious consequences if their passengers are hurt or killed in a car accident that was the result of their recklessness. Although it is unclear exactly what caused this tragic accident, the initial details released have been quick to point to speed as playing a significant role.

The parties involved in this car accident, as well as the surviving family of the deceased victims, will likely await the publication of the official accident investigation report to assess their rights and responsibilities under New York law. The deceased victims’ families probably have a number of unanswered questions, as they attempt to cope with the grief from such a sudden loss. While it remains to be seen if they will pursue wrongful death claims seeking changed. It can only be hoped that they, as well as the other injured victims find the strength to survive their struggles.

Source: Wall Street Journal, “2 dead, 3 injured in Yonkers parkway crash,” July 9, 2012