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A mechanic is dead and another has lost both legs after a horrific accident on April 23. The car accident took place in a New York borough early in the day, and police are still piecing together how the crash came about. No one has yet been charged in the incident.

According to witnesses, a vehicle driven by an unidentified man first struck a second vehicle in the middle of the street, and then sped out of control into a nearby auto repair shop. A 33-year-old mechanic was struck and killed immediately, while a second mechanic, a 30-year-old male, lost both of his legs at the thighs. The driver was taken from the scene by ambulance, and so far police have not laid charges against him.

The driver of the struck vehicle reportedly moved to assist the injured man, tying tourniquets around his legs to stem blood loss. The driver was uninjured in the crash, but the second victim was rushed to a hospital in serious condition. Police have not released the identity of the mechanic who was killed in the crash.

The investigation into this bizarre car accident is still ongoing; New York police have not released further statements about the progress of their case. Should the driver of the first car be found culpable for his actions, it is possible that charges will be laid in the death of the mechanic and the severe injury of his coworker. If this is indeed the case, the injured victim and the dead man’s next-of-kin may be entitled to further legal recourse against the driver. Understanding of New York traffic laws may be beneficial in pursuing a wrongful death or injury suit.

Source: New York Post, “One man dead, another loses legs in out-of-control car crash at Queens auto-body shop,” Sue Mengers, April 24, 2013