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Pickups and snow plows often provide services that make our lives safer and easier. New York vehicles often have attachments to make them more effective for their designated purpose. Those attachments may also make them more dangerous to a car accident victim as well. One recent tragedy in Westchester County underscores the point.

In late March, a pedestrian was struck by a pickup truck in the parking lot of a hospital north of New York City. The pedestrian was struck by a pickup truck that had sanding and plow equipment attached to it. It is not clear how fast the truck was going at the time of the accident. The truck was operated by an employee of the hospital, and the vehicle is apparently owned by the hospital.

The victim was transported to the hospital shortly after the accident. Her injuries were severe and included serious harm to her head as well as her lower limbs. The woman was in her early 80s, and she died later the same day. Local police are continuing to investigate the accident. No charges or citations were issued in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

As the victim’s family makes final arrangements, they will surely want to follow the progress of any official investigation. The family members retain the right to litigate a wrongful death claim under New York law against the driver and the hospital. If they elect to do so, the details of the car accident will play an important part in determining liability for the collision. Additional help may be needed to navigate the civil court system. Family members or representatives of the estate of this woman may benefit from having access to additional insight to manage their claims.

Source: White Plains, NY Patch, “Westchester Woman Hit by Truck Has Died,” March 20, 2013