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A number of people were injured, some seriously, following a crash in Queens, according to local police. New York authorities have reported that the car accident involved a school bus, but details regarding the specifics of the crash are still limited. For the moment, no one has been charged criminally in connection with this accident. 

Details about the crash are sketchy at best, but it has been confirmed that — for reasons unknown — a school bus carrying 14 children crashed into the side of a building. Thankfully, none of the students on board were injured in the collision, and the cause is still under investigation. However, the driver of the bus suffered injuries herself and was hospitalized. 

Several other individuals were also injured, with EMS on the scene reporting that at least two of them had injuries classified as severe but not life-threatening. In total, five people were taken to local hospitals for treatment. At the moment, police are still unsure how many other vehicles may have been involved in the crash, not to mention what set off the accident to begin with. The investigation will continue. 

If the results of the New York police investigation establish that one or more drivers are considered accountable for the car accident, they may choose to file criminal charges against this person or persons. In addition, those injured in the crash may wish to file personal injury lawsuits once it becomes clear who may have been at fault for the crash. Such suits do not require a criminal conviction or even charges to be filed in order to move forward in civil court, though evidence of  negligence will be necessary if remuneration is to be awarded in the form of a monetary judgment. 

Source: pix11.com, “17 injured after school bus crashes into building in Queens“, Andrea Cavallier and Ann Mercogliano, Dec. 19, 2014