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The streets of New York are generally a busy place. Cars, cabs, buses and pedestrians seem to be everywhere. With the high amount of motor and foot traffic, no one can be too careful when venturing out into the city. Unfortunately, despite any precautions drivers and pedestrians may take, accidents still happen. Auto-pedestrian incidents in particular typically have tragic outcomes, many of which may result in a fatal accident.

In a sad turn of events, one woman walking home from work late at night in Brooklyn was struck by a city bus as she was crossing a street. The northbound bus was apparently making a left-hand turn at the time of the accident and hit the woman, who was walking southbound. Local authorities and rescue teams were called to the scene of the accident and a short time later, the victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Despite the efforts of the first responders and medical staff, she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Their were no other injuries reported and the bus driver stayed at the scene to wait for help to arrive. The intersection was closed for several hours while local authorities investigated the incident. At this point, it is unknown if any charges will be filed against the bus driver.

A fatal accident between a pedestrian and motor vehicle can be a devastating experience for everyone directly involved and for the victim’s family alike. Along with the enormous amount of grief that can come from losing a loved one, incidents like this may also result in a financial hardship for those left managing the aftermath. Medical and funeral expenses alone add up quickly. The family of the victim in this case may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against the bus driver and possibly the Transit Authority for their loss. If either is found liable, a civil court in New York may award the surviving family members monetary restitution to help recoup any financial losses that have accrued due to the accident.

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