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A sanitation worker was injured while doing his job on May 2. The man was directing traffic when he was struck by a vehicle, and is currently under medical care. New York State Police are currently investigating the car accident.

Police reports indicate the man, a 45-year-old New York resident who runs his own recycling business, had stopped his company vehicle at a residence to pick up recyclables. He was steering traffic around his truck, when a minivan driven by a 33-year-old man knocked him down. The minivan driver was attempting to pull around the truck and failed to stop for the sanitation worker.

The sanitation worker was taken to a local hospital, where he is being treated for injuries to his knees, back and head. There is currently no word on his condition. Police have filed no charges in this case as yet, but the investigation remains ongoing as of this writing.

New York traffic laws, like in most places, require vigilance and care from drivers. While it is not illegal to pass a stopped vehicle in the street, care must be taken to avoid situations exactly like what occurred in this car accident. While the driver of the minivan may or may not be officially charged, the extent to which his negligence contributed to the accident is in question. Considering the sanitation worker sustained injuries in the crash which may affect his ability to do his job, and considering he is a self-employed individual who may or may not be eligible for worker’s compensation, it is possible he may wish to pursue a civil case against the minivan driver in order to recover the financial losses he has, and will, incur as a result of his injuries.

Source: wktv.com, “Sanitation worker hit in car-pedestrian accident,” May 2, 2013