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Many individuals each day rely on public transportation. Although this form of transportation is usually able to bring its passengers safely from one location to another, there are times in which a motor vehicle crash can occur, leaving many of the occupants at a substantial risk of incurring a serious injury. Such an accident recently occurred in New York, when a school bus apparently caused an accident involving several vehicles, resulting in 16 individuals suffering injuries, several of which were listed as being serious.

New York police say that the accident occurred around 3:30 p.m. in Queens. At that time, it is believed that a school bus struck several vehicles, one of which was a black SUV. Due to the impact, the SUV then collided with a city bus carrying a large number of passengers.

It was reported that after the crash, the school bus left the scene. No children were believed to have been on it. Meanwhile, four individuals were transported to the hospital. However, hospital officials have stated that their condition has been stabilized though they were still said to be in serious condition. Police have not stated whether they have located the driver of the school bus, though the accident remains under investigation at this time.

It is unclear what caused the school bus to allegedly lose control and hit several other vehicles, resulting in this chain reaction motor vehicle crash. As New York police continue to investigate the accident, they may be able to uncover further details for inclusion in their report on the accident’s cause. Although the victims in the accident are fortunate to have not sustained life threatening injuries, the damages they have incurred may be recoverable by pursuing a personal injury suit based on evidence of negligence. This suit may allow them to be compensated for their personal injuries as well as any other compensatory damages that arose from this accident if liability is proved and any resulting injuries documented.

Source: NBC News, “16 Hurt in Queens Bus Accident, Four Seriously,” Gus Rosendale, Sept. 6, 2012