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What is a Paralegal, and What Do They Do?

Paralegals assist personal injury lawyers in all aspects of personal injury litigation. A paralegal’s duty encompasses a wide range of responsibilities geared towards assisting lawyers to ensure every detail of a case is handled accurately and efficiently. Paralegals provide essential contributions to a law firm, and the value of their role within a legal team…
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Failure to Diagnose and Treat Diseases

Most patients trust a medical professional’s diagnosis or his or her judgment that a patient is healthy and doesn’t require treatment. However, medical professionals can and do make mistakes. Doctors can fail to diagnose a condition, for example, costing the patient precious weeks or months of treatment. In other instances, doctors fail to treat a…
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Post-Operative Infections in New York

Surgeries are intended to improve a patient’s quality of life by treating a disease or condition, or by restoring bodily functions. But in some cases, errors made during surgery can lead to postoperative infections. Already in a weakened state after surgery, a patient’s body may have difficulty recovering from such and infection and may not…
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Cancer Misdiagnosis & Late Cancer Diagnosis in New York

Cancer misdiagnosis occurs more frequently than most would like to believe. In fact, cancer misdiagnosis is one of the “big three” types of medical malpractice and misdiagnosis-related claims. Those who are the victims of cancer misdiagnosis should know what their options are and what they should expect when filing a lawsuit. What is Cancer Misdiagnosis?…
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Cardiac Injuries in New York

The heart can suffer from disease or injury. These are quite different. Heart disease (and related complications) kills more Americans than any other illness. But injury to the heart – separate from disease – can disable and kill. So, any issue with the heart warrants concern and immediate, high-quality medical treatment. Cardiac injuries can occur…
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Suing for Neurological and Neurosurgical Injuries

Neurosurgeons are some of the most skilled professionals in the healthcare industry. Each is required to undergo many years of schooling and training and perform demonstrations of their competency before being qualified to operate on patients.  Although the majority of neurosurgeons undoubtedly do a great job, there are also plenty of negligent or improperly trained…
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Nursing Home Malpractice in New York

Many people trust nursing homes and other elderly care centers to provide their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents with the same care and attention they would provide to relatives themselves. In fact, nearly 3.2 million Americans lived in nursing homes as of 2008, and that number has likely only grown over time. But although nursing…
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Hospital Liability Lawsuits and Compensation in New York

In a medical malpractice case, a doctor or another medical professional is held responsible for either negligent or reckless actions that caused injury. In such circumstances, victims of medical malpractice can file a lawsuit against the responsible party to recover compensation. Medical costs, long-term care, and other treatments often necessitate significant damages be awarded to…
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Birth Injuries in New York

Many children are born with health issues, some serious. But the injuries that are the result of malpractice are quite different and sadly common. Every year, thousands of newborn infants and their mothers are injured as a direct result of negligent actions by their presiding doctor or medical professional. When negligence is the cause of…
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