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A home has exploded, resulting in the death of one child and injuring at least 15 people. The explosion occurred in the late morning hours and caused the entire two-story house to collapse. According to New York officials, an 18-month-old boy was killed and seven other individuals who were believed to have been in the house at the time of the explosion were injured, leaving many to wonder if this unfortunate occurrence could lead to premises liability issues.

It was also reported that seven rescue personnel were also injured as they tried to uncover the victims from the debris. All of the rescue personnel were reported to have suffered minor injuries. The condition of the individuals who were injured in the home has not been released at this time.

Police have not indicated what the cause of the explosion was. However, they did state that there were two large propane tanks discovered near the house. Police have also stated that although they believe that there are no other individuals trapped in the debris, their search was continuing to confirm that belief.

Although the details of this New York home explosion remain unclear at this time, more important facts may be disclosed as the investigation progresses. When these facts are disclosed and a cause is determined, this evidence may be beneficial to the victims and their families in determining who was at fault. When a negligent party is identified, the victims may be able to recover for the damages they have suffered through the filing of a premises liability or related legal action. Upon proof of negligence, a properly filed claim may allow the victims to recover damages for both their personal and emotional injuries as they try and recover from this tragic incident.

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