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A vicious car accident has taken the life of three individuals and has hospitalized another man. The motor vehicle crash occurred around 3 p.m., according to New York police. An SUV, being driven by a 62-year-old man, is said to have crossed into the opposite lane and struck a car on an upstate highway.

As a result of the collision, the three occupants of the car were pronounced dead. It was reported that the three were a husband and wife and their son. The 42-year-old son was said to be operating the car when the accident occurred.

After the crash, the SUV caught fire. A passerby was able to rescue the man by pulling him out of the vehicle. The man was then transported to a local hospital. He was listed as being in serious condition.

A head on motor vehicle crash often results in a deadly aftermath. Although the details remain sparse in this New York accident, it is likely that further details will be released in the coming days that will shed more light on what the ultimate cause of this car accident was. Preliminary information, however, points to the SUV driver’s failure to remain in his lane of travel as the principal cause of the collision. Although surviving family members will likely never be able to recover fully for their tragic loss, they may be within their rights to file a wrongful death action against those whose actions are deemed to have negligently caused the accident. Once proof of negligence is established, a successful claim will allow them to seek recovery of monetary damages occasioned by the deadly incident.

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