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Police are still determining how many people were injured in a serious crash on I-684 on April 24, according to local sources. New York authorities have confirmed that at least three people were injured in the car accident which closed the Interstate for several hours. So far, police have not filed formal charges against any of the drivers involved.

According to the accident report, the driver of a northbound pickup truck apparently lost control of the vehicle and moved into southbound traffic around 3:50 p.m. The truck struck at least three cars close to Exit 6 before rolling over and landing on a fourth, injuring several people. Emergency medical response personnel were dispatched to the scene immediately.

Firefighters on the scene were forced to extricate drivers and passengers from the damaged vehicles. The names of the injured individuals were not released, but it has been confirmed that at least three people were seriously injured. Their injuries are not believed to be life threatening, according to medical personnel at the hospitals to which they were transported. Police are still investigating the accident and have not yet filed charges, but they also have not ruled out the potential for criminal charges at a later date.

More information will be required before New York authorities can make their next move in this investigation. If the car accident is ruled to be the fault of the pickup truck driver — either due to reckless driving, intoxication or some other factor under his control — the driver could face criminal charges. Separately, the injured parties in the other vehicles may elect to pursue personal injury suits in a civil setting to seek financial redress based upon evidence of driver negligence.

Source: lohud.com, “I-684 reopens after serious crash“, James O’Rourke, April 24, 2014