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A bizarre accident in Herald Square has resulted in seven people being sent to a local hospital, according to local news sources. New York authorities responded to a car accident in which a vehicle crashed into a Forever 21 store, injuring multiple pedestrians. Police have not determined whether the driver of the vehicle involved will face charges at this time. 

According to the accident report and various witness testimonies, the vehicle — driven by an as-yet unidentified woman — apparently struck several cars before running into the store. The car went directly through a crowd of pedestrians before crashing into the storefront, at which point the woman attempted to reverse out of the store. It appeared to some witnesses that she was attempting to flee the scene, and she caused damage to several other vehicles before she was stopped. 

A total of six pedestrians and the driver herself were injured in the cacophony. One person escaped with minor injuries, but the other six were listed as being in serious condition as of this writing. So far, police have not commented on why the woman crashed into the store, and they have been tight-lipped about whether or not she may have been drunk at the outset of the accident. 

Even if no criminal charges are filed in conjunction with this car accident, the injured parties will be entitled under New York law to file personal injury suits against the woman and any other owners of the vehicle involved. Civil suits of this nature do not depend on a criminal conviction to be successful in court. However, evidence from a criminal investigation can be very useful in securing a ruling in civil court that is beneficial to those injured.

Source: businessinsider.com, “7 People Were Hospitalized After A Car Crashed Into The Forever 21 Store In New York’s Herald Square“, Dec. 11, 2014