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Police are still investigating a serious crash that took place in the early morning of March 21. The car accident, which shut down parts of the New York State Thruway, is said to have involved two vehicles and nine people, but details are still sketchy. New York Police continue to investigate, and as of this writing, no charges have been filed in association with the case.

Police reports indicate the accident took place in the westbound lane of the Thruway around 6 a.m. A vehicle had pulled to the side of the road after running out of gas, and another vehicle rear-ended it. Apparently, one of the cars flipped, and a total of nine people were injured in the crash.

One of those nine people suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to a local hospital. Two others were taken to a second hospital, while the rest were transported by ambulance to a third. The status of the injured parties was not known at the time of this report, and police have yet to file any charges connected to the crash. They have also not commented on whether they believe external factors — like speed, alcohol or reckless driving — had a role to play in the crash.

There is too little information currently available at this time to make an accurate estimation as to the outcome of this case. If the driver of the second vehicle is found to have been criminally responsible for the car accident, the injured parties will stand a stronger chance of receiving monetary compensation should they choose to file personal injury suits against that driver. Such suits are handled separately from criminal cases, in a New York civil court setting, and are based upon evidence of negligence that is deemed to have caused or materially contributed to the accident and injuries that resulted.

Source: rochesterhomepage.net, Early Morning Car Crash on NYS Thruway, No author, March 21, 2014