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A tragic accident has left a teenage girl dead and an even younger girl in critical condition, according to local police reports. The investigation into the car accident is being overseen by New York police and is still underway at the time of this writing. No charges have yet been filed in connection with the case.

Reports indicate the driver of the SUV, an unidentified male, lost control of his vehicle and struck three parked cars before striking a group of young people on the sidewalk. Several other teens were treated for minor injuries, but the 15-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The 12-year-old girl was rushed to a local hospital where her injuries are described as severe.

Police have not speculated as to whether alcohol or high speed were factors in this tragic crash, and the driver has not been charged as yet. However, indications from eyewitnesses suggest the man was driving recklessly at the time of the accident. The investigation is ongoing and will no doubt turn up more information as time goes on.

It is always tragic when someone is killed in a car accident, but perhaps even more so when the victim is so young. New York police will continue to investigate the crash, and if the driver involved is found to have been operating his vehicle carelessly or under the influence of alcohol, he will likely face criminal charges. In addition to this, the family of the deceased victim will be entitled to file a wrongful death suit against him, and representatives of the injured girl will be able to file a personal injury suit as well.

Source: NBC New York, Pedestrians Hit by Car at Yonkers Church Fair: Police, No author, Oct. 11, 2013