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Video recordings via cameras and cell phones have become a common part of everyday lives in the current world. Technology allows people to provide concrete records of what happens to them in the moment at very little or low cost, and with relative ease. Sometimes recordings may be used not only to entertain or record a moment, but also to provide evidence of an incident that has occurred. Evidence of this type that documents what happened in a car accident can clarify liability and responsibility, and make a personal injury claim much easier to pursue.

In a recent car accident in the northern part of New York, a man was using his cell phone to make a video of his speedometer. The video showed him driving approximately 140 mph. While it is not clear why he made the video of his speedometer, reports indicate that the man was filming it just prior to a car crash on the Northway.

The car crash does not appear to have involved other cars. An initial report does not mention the extent of the driver’s injuries, but one passenger was seriously injured and two others also suffered injuries. The seriously-injured passenger was thrown from the car. The evidence demonstrated the driver was clearly driving well beyond the speed limit just before the crash, but it is not clear how fast he was driving when the impact happened. Regardless, the film was likely a contributing factor to his guilty plea to vehicular assault.

In this case, the New York plea deal means the charges and liability for the accident sit squarely with the driver of the car. Since the liability issue appears clear in this car accident, it should be easier for the people injured in this accident to pursue their personal injury claims. These potential claimants and others similarly situated may want to be aware of how settled criminal charges impact any personal injury claims they may have.

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