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One person is dead following a fatal crash on a New York Thruway, according to local sources. New York state police responded to the car accident at approximately 7:45 p.m. on May 12. Two other individuals were injured, though the investigation is still in its early stages as of this report. 

According to the limited information currently available, the accident involved a passenger vehicle and a tractor trailer. It appears as though both vehicles were traveling in the westbound lane of Interstate 90 when the collision occurred. Currently, police are unsure what caused the crash.

One person is reported to have been killed, though it is not clear whether that individual was driving either of the vehicles involved. It has also not been confirmed whether that individual died at the scene or later at a hospital. One other individual was injured and taken to a local hospital with unspecified injuries. The accident shut down both westbound lanes for several hours while police conducted their investigation.

Too little information is available pertaining to this car accident to draw any cohesive conclusions about how the New York police investigation will play out. However, the fact remains that one person is dead and another is injured. This alone means that further legal recourse may well be taken even if no criminal charges are filed. The family of the deceased individual, and the surviving injured party, may have cause to file wrongful death and personal injury suits, respectively, if sufficient evidence is brought forth to indicate that one or both drivers were at fault for the crash.

Source: dailygazette.com, “1 killed in 2-vehicle crash on Thruway in Canajoharie“, May 14, 2015