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Police are blaming inclement weather for an accident that sent one man to the hospital with serious neck and head injuries, according to local sources. New York police responded to the car accident on the morning of Feb. 21 and found that two vehicles were involved. Thankfully, the other driver was not seriously injured, and the two drivers were the only people involved.

According to the New York State Police, an SUV operated by a 58-year-old man was headed westbound on Route 96 when it attempted to pass another vehicle. The driver lost control and flipped into the air, striking a vehicle coming the opposite direction driven by a 68-year-old man. The collision caused serious damage to both vehicles. The driver of the car that was struck suffered serious injuries and was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. 

The driver of the flipped SUV fared somewhat better, suffering only minor injuries in the crash. He was treated and released shortly thereafter. So far, police have not filed any citation against either driver, noting weather as the primary factor in the crash.

New York drivers are familiar with inclement conditions on the roads, particularly in winter time. While the weather can be a factor in a car accident, ultimately it is the responsibility of all drivers to drive according to the conditions. The seriously-injured driver may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver involved in this crash. If evidence documents that the other driver was not as careful as he could be in wintry conditions, the suit could result in financial remuneration to the injured man. 

Source: twcnews.com, “Passing SUV Flips, Hits Oncoming Car in Phelps“, Feb. 21, 2015