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Two people have lost their lives following a crash that closed the Northern State Parkway in Dix Hills, according to local sources. The tragic car accident was preceded by a traffic stop conducted by New York police. Both drivers in the crash were killed so no charges have been filed, but recourse may still be available to the family of one driver. 

A seemingly routine traffic stop went bad on the morning of Oct. 20. The woman in question was pulled over in a parking lot because her license plates did not match the vehicle she was driving. As officers were attempting to ascertain whether the woman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, she fled the scene with police in pursuit. 

The chase led onto Northern State Parkway where the woman entered the parkway going the wrong direction. As a result, her vehicle struck another car head-on. A 60-year-old man driving the other car was killed, as was the woman fleeing police. Officers are still attempting to determine why the woman fled the stop in the first place, but so far have not uncovered additional details. 

Had the offending driver survived the car accident, she would likely have faced criminal charges. Regardless, the surviving family of the other driver who died still have legal means to pursue justice in civil court. They are entitled under New York law to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman’s estate, and possibly against anyone else with ownership interest in the vehicle she was driving. 

Source: Newsday, “Police: 2 dead in crash closing Northern State Parkway in Dix Hills“, William Murphy and Gary Dymski, Oct. 20, 2015