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A fatal accident in Queens left two people dead, according to local sources. The single-car accident occurred early in the morning of April 5. New York emergency services, including police and fire department personnel, responded to the scene. It appears speed may have been a factor in the tragic crash. 

According to the accident report, the vehicle, carrying two men in their 20s who have yet to be identified, was speeding on the Grand Central Parkway service road at approximately 4:30 a.m. when the accident occurred. It appears the driver lost control of the vehicle and jumped a curb, causing the vehicle to leave the road. The car struck an oak tree, then traveled further before crashing into a scaffolding outside a local high school. 

The car immediately caught fire, and the two individuals in the vehicle were trapped and subsequently died in the wreck. As of this report, it is unclear whether the men were killed by the trauma of the crash or whether they burned to death. While speed is a suspected factor in the crash, police have also not ruled out the possibility that intoxication on the driver’s part may have also played a role. The investigation is ongoing as of this writing. 

New York authorities will continue to investigate this car accident to determine its cause. Should it be confirmed that the driver was speeding or was otherwise negligent in his operation of the vehicle, the family of the deceased passenger may decide to file a wrongful death suit against his estate and anyone else with ownership interest in the car. Appropriate evidence of the driver’s negligence must be presented in civil court in order for a finding of liability to be made. 

Source: New York Post, “Two dead in fiery car wreck in Queens“, C.J. Sullivan, April 5, 2015