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A fatal accident on the New York Thruway claimed two lives on June 30, according to local police. New York authorities are still investigating the car accident that killed at least two people and seriously injured several others. So far, no charges have been filed in connection with the case, but the investigation is ongoing.

According to reports, a tractor-trailer traveling along I-90 was struck by a car that appeared to cross the median. The car then went on to strike several other vehicles before coming to rest. So far, the police are still investigating why the vehicle crossed the median.

The accident scene was somewhat chaotic, and death and injury reports were still being tallied as of the time the news story was published. It has been confirmed that at least two people lost their lives, though it is unclear which vehicles they occupied. Other parties were also injured, but the extent of their injuries is also unknown at this time. The accident closed the Thruway for several hours while police conducted their investigation.

Too little information regarding this car accident is available to make an accurate prediction as to how the legal ramifications may play out. If New York police can narrow down the cause of the accident to the actions of a single driver — perhaps the driver of the car that allegedly crossed into oncoming traffic — that driver, or the driver’s estate, may be held liable for the deaths and injuries that resulted. Injured parties and the relatives of the deceased will be entitled under New York law to file personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits against the driver or the driver’s estate, as the case may be.

Source: 13wham.com, “Two dead in Thruway crash”, , June 30, 2014