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A tragic crash on the Long Island Expressway has resulted in three deaths and a host of injuries. New York authorities responded to the car accident on Aug. 31. The driver responsible was killed in the crash, so no criminal charges are expected to be filed. 

The report states that a sedan traveling at a very high rate of speed and operated by a 25-year-old man struck the barrier on the LIE. The force of the impact was enough to kill three people in the car, including the driver. They were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Two other people in the vehicle were injured and taken to local hospitals. 

A secondary accident occurred due to debris on the road that stopped several cars. A dump truck was unable to stop in time and crashed into several vehicles, injuring eight more people. The extent of the injuries suffered by those who survived the crash are not known at this time. Police are unsure if intoxication also played a role in the crash, but they are continuing to investigate as of this report. 

Since the driver responsible for the car accident was killed in the impact, the criminal element of this investigation will only serve to bolster any civil suits that may be filed in connection with the crash. New York law allows the families of the deceased, as well as the injured parties, to file wrongful death and/or personal injury suits in civil court against the driver’s estate. Anyone else with ownership interest in the vehicle may also be included in such a lawsuit. 

Source: ABC News, “The Latest: Car Crashes, Splits Apart; 3 Killed, 10 Injured“, Aug. 31, 2016