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Aug. 15 was a day of tragedy when three people were killed following a multi-vehicle accident, according to local sources. New York authorities are still trying to piece together the specifics of the car accident that sent another eight people to hospitals that night. So far, charges have not been filed against any of the drivers involved, but the investigation is ongoing at the time of this report. 

Preliminary reports suggest an SUV headed northbound apparently veered into the center median, striking an embankment with enough force to launch the vehicle into the air. The vehicle landed in the southbound lanes of Taconic State Parkway, striking two vehicles. A fourth vehicle was also involved in the crash, which took place around 2:50 p.m. 

Three people were killed on impact, and eight more were injured. Of those, one person remains in critical condition while five more are reported as being stable at the time of the media report. The other two were treated at a different hospital, and there was no further word on their conditions. Police have not identified the deceased victims as they were still reaching out to next of kin to notify them of the tragedy. 

New York police will surely continue their investigation until they have formally documented exactly what occurred to cause this fatal car accident. It is unclear if the SUV driver survived the crash. Based upon the preliminary evidence, it would appear that he or she would face civil claims for financial liability from the other victims. In the event of that driver’s death, the claims would be filed against his or her estate.

Source: The New York Times, “Three Killed and Eight Injured in Crash on Taconic State Parkway“, Liam Stack, Aug. 16, 2015