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A crash involving a passenger car and an all-terrain vehicle in Schenectady has sent three people to local hospitals, police have reported. New York authorities report that the car accident took place sometime just after 8:00 p.m. the night of Aug. 14. So far, police have yet to charge either driver with an infraction. 

The accident report states the ATV, which was carrying two passengers, was traveling eastbound toward an intersection. It appears the ATV may have failed to stop for a stop sign, at which point it crashed into a passenger car traveling south. The force of the impact sent the car off the road and into a front lawn of a home. 

The two individuals on the ATV were rushed to a local hospital with serious head injuries. A female passenger in the car was also injured, but the extent of her injuries is unknown at this time. Police say they have ruled out alcohol or drug use for the driver of the car, but they have not yet done so for the driver of the ATV. Their investigation is ongoing as of this report.

All-terrain vehicles, while enjoyable as recreational vehicles, can be dangerous to operate. This is especially true if the driver is found to have been intoxicated at the time of the car accident, a situation that could result in charges being filed against him by New York police. Even if no charges are filed, if negligence is proved, his passenger and the injured passenger from the car are both entitled under state law to pursue personal injury suits against him in civil court. 

Source: news10.com, “Three hospitalized after Schenectady ATV accident“, Lauren Linder, Aug. 14, 2016